Top Breweries In Decatur To Enjoy The Best Craft Beer In The Country

Decatur BeerIn the last few years, Georgia’s craft beer scene has simply exploded and in just 2010 alone there were at least ten new breweries opened in the Atlanta area. However, while it’s true that there are laws in place regarding how much fun you are able to have at any of these local breweries, there are of course some of them that are opened to the public. This means that you can easily tour these breweries, but also sample some of their beers. In fact, this is a great way to have a wonderful time with your friends and family while trying some of the best and most delicious craft beers in the country.

BlueTarp Brewing Co

BlueTarp has opened in 2012 and it’s known as the first full scale brewery in the city. The place is located on the S-E side of the city and it’s very well known for producing handcrafted seasonable beers, but also full flavored ales. What’s even better about BlueTarp is that even if in the beginning you could only have their delicious beer on location, they’re now selling canned beers. Therefore, you can get one or more of them and enjoy them anytime and anywhere you want. The BlueTarp is open for tours and tastings on Saturday starting at 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Extra tours to be taking place on Friday are going to become available in 2016.

Three Taverns Craft Beers

Decatur Three BeersIf you love Belgian beer, then you should know that Three Taverns is the only place in the South that does brew such beers. In terms of price, you’re only going to pay about twelve dollars for 6 – 5oz pours and the best part is that you’re going to get to keep the glass. If this is the first time you come here, you may want to try the Single Intent, which is actually a nice single that you can drink all day long. If you’re a hop-head though, you’re simply going to love the White Hops and the Night in Brussels IPAs which have a very nice grapefruit finish.

If these beers aren’t available when you swing by, then you need to go for the quad and the triple. Also, depending on when you visit (summer or spring) don’t miss out on the Quasimodo. This is a big quad with a ten percent ABV.

Brick Store Pub

When the Brick Store was opened years ago, it made a lot of people curious of the beers it sells and many of them wondered if it’s actually going to pull through, especially because there were still similar places in Decatur that people could go to enjoy craft beer. Luckily, it’s not only the beer, but also the atmosphere that makes many people come back again and again. The dark wood paneling and the exposed brick walls give the Brick Store Pub a very nice, medieval-like atmosphere. You won’t see any neons here and also no major domestics, lame food and TVs.

The beer selection here is good and you have an array of twelve draught and seventy five bottled beers to choose from. However, if you go upstairs, you’ll find the Belgian Beer Bar that features eight rotating draughts and more than one hundred and twenty Belgian bottled beers.

Twain’s Brew Pub

Decatur Beer FlightJordan Fleetwood is the man behind Twain’s Brew Pub, an incredible place which has grown to be very popular with beer lovers from all over the world. While the pub does indeed have a pool hall feel and Jordan may seem like a quiet guy, you’ll soon find that he is an experienced brewer that’s going to impress you with the wide range and amazing taste of the various beers he brews. While he personally doesn’t have a “best” beer, many of his customers would swear that the Mad Happy Pale Ale is the best one he makes.

No matter where you come from and the type of beer you love, these breweries are certainly going to impress and sway you with their amazing selection of craft beer. Given the fact that they are made locally and the atmosphere in all of these places is simply sublime, your time spent in any of them is going to be one to remember.

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